Amazon Sellers – How to Track Amazon Promotional Code Usage

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So as an Amazon Seller, you have created your promotion codes in Amazon Seller Central & used them but how do you get the useful data you need to review prior marketing efforts success & where we should put more/less marketing efforts in the future.  This will article will hopefully help get that information out for you via the All Orders Report.


How to Track Promo Code Use on Amazon With All Orders Report

The All Orders Report available in Seller Central contains a record of promo codes used for each order made. Downloading and analyzing this report will allow you to track how many promo codes were used, and how many sales were made.


This provides the most precise data for tracking promo code usage.


  1. Log in to Seller Central, navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab and click on ‘Fulfillment’



  1. On the left-hand side, under ‘Sales’ choose ‘All Orders’ 



  1. Choose the date range over which you ran your promo campaign.


  1. Click Request Download. Wait for the Report Status to change from Progressing to Download, and then click Download. 



  1. Import the download txt file into a Spreadsheet

With Google Sheets: File > Import > Upload > Select the file from your computer >Replace data at selected cell


  1. Create a filter (Data > Create a filter)


  1. Navigate to the column ‘promotion-ids.’ It is the last column in the report.


  1. Open the filter for this column by clicking the green inverted triangle, click on Clear and then select the promotion-id of the specific promotion you want to track. *You can find the promotion id by going into Seller Central > Promotions > Manage Promotions, and the promotion id is the tracking id*


  1. Now you have a breakdown of all the orders made, and the quantity of each order made, for that promotion.


Note: Developing a useful system for giving your promotions tracking IDs, so you can easily identify the promotions in these reports early on can make this a lot easier to manage in the long run.


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There is additional analytics available for the promotion codes you list with us.

Sign into the Seller Center then click on the “Analytics” tab on the top menu bar.

Keep an eye out for more/increased analytics offerings or submit suggestions to us via the Contact Us Form.


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