Growing Your Amazon Business Using Discounts & Promotion Codes

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Your goal should not only be to strategically Grow Your Amazon Business, but also to Keep Your Customers Happy.


The Amazon marketplace can be a great e-commerce business for online sellers when you get it right. The enormous number of shoppers who use Amazon makes it easy to see why so many sellers set out to start their enterprises on the Amazon platform. To increase Amazon sales means you must keep up with the competition and learn quickly what works and what doesn’t.

You have to do all this while keeping your customers happy & trying to grow, here are some tips that will add to your success as an Amazon seller and increase Amazon sales:


#1 – Price Competitively

The competition on Amazon is steep, with the biggest differentiator setting apart one seller from another being price. This doesn’t have to be an obstacle to profitability though. You have to use the price competition to help you determine which products are worth promoting in the marketplace. Only sell items that have a sufficient margin to offer you a reasonable rate of return while still being competitively priced. Don’t forget to factor in inventory, order fulfillment, and overhead expenses.  Keep in mind promotion codes are also a great item to help/factor in.

#2 – Market Outside of Amazon

You aren’t allowed to market people away from Amazon, but you can absolutely market outside to bring customers to your Amazon store. You can use blogging and article writing on your other websites to get potential customers to look at your items on Amazon. Using social media for your e-commerce business is a great option as well. Don’t forget using promotion codes or Amazon promotion code marketplaces, such as & putting these items in your marketing & communications.

#3 – Automate Your Listings

Spending your time continuously listing products is not only time-consuming but may be a waste of time that you could be better spending on marketing, customer engagement, and other key business strategies.

#4 – Consider Using Fulfillment By Amazon

Increasing your sales volume is easy with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Most top sellers on Amazon use the FBA option. With this service, you send your inventory to Amazon and they take it from there. When one of your items sells, Amazon fulfills the order, packages, and ships it to your customer.

#5 – Win the Buy Box

The coveted Amazon Buy Box is the box on the right side of the product detail page where customers can click to add the item to their shopping cart.  The Buy Box is so coveted because it significantly improves your chances of selling items. The best way to increase sales is to win the buy box.

#6 – Improve Your SEO

With so many sellers on Amazon, it’s important that buyers are able to find your products. Amazon looks at the keywords in your product titles to rank listings, so you need to include as many keywords as you can in the 500-character title. To help you with this, Amazon offers a Keyword Tool, which will optimize your listing titles.  We would also recommend using a keyword research tool such as Merchantwords to expand your keywords.  This link will give you access to Merchantwords for $9 a month instead of $30 (no it's not an affiliate link, we just like you). $9 a month link -

#7 – Get Feedback and Reviews

Customer reviews and positive feedback are extremely important on Amazon. Nearly 90% of buyers say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. That said, only about 10% of Amazon buyers leave feedback after making a purchase.  There are a few ways this can be done (we recommend using them all for the best possible chance of success).  

1. Using an email autoresponder (such as feedback genius).

This is an automated email sequence that you create that sends out to the customer asking them for reviews.  This method still works but is not as effective as it used to be since Amazon now lets buyers opt-out of these messages.

2. Include an insert with your product

Include an insert with your product that asks the customer to review the product.

You will find you will have better success if you offer some kind of free incentive with that insert (a link to a video or e-book is a good example or a % off of another product you offer).  You cannot offer money-back or any monetary exchange outside Amazon as that is against Amazon's TOS.

3. Use Discount/Promo Codes

While this is kind of an obvious fact I feel I still need to state it, the more sales you make the more reviews you are likely to receive.  

Since that is the case, using promo codes will get you ALOT more sales.  Those additional sales translate into additional reviews.

 #8 – Advertise on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon is a good way to be seen and increase Amazon sales. When you are just starting out or looking to increase the visibility of your products, you should give the Sponsored Products option a try. This will display your product below search results or on the product detail pages. There is a cost for this service, but it is a pay-per-click charge, so you only pay for what is used. Plus, Amazon offers you a deal for using sponsored products the first time.

Some pro-tips for sponsored ads:

1. Start narrow and go broad:

Unless you have very deep pockets, start with exact match keywords that EXACTLY relate to your product.  From there you can branch out to more general product keywords still using exact match.  Once you find some winners, create a phrase match campaign with those winners.  Run that campaign for $20 for two weeks then run a report to see what keywords made you money and add those as exact matches.  You can do a similar campaign for broad match.

2. Cheap Clicks Campaign

I will briefly describe how to set up this campaign and go into this further in another blog.

The cheap clicks campaign can be VERY lucrative when done correctly (and most big sellers don't do it at all).

Use merchant words to find similar keywords to your exact match winners.  Grab all the keywords it generates that are relevant and are between the ranges of 8000 -50000 searches per month.

Load those into your cheap click campaign as exact matches, and set the max bid to .40.

Allow each one to get up to 5 clicks if you do not get a sale within 5 clicks get rid of the keyword.

You can achieve insanely low ACOS using this method, sometimes under 5%.

#9 – Know the Rules and Regulations

Make sure that you understand and follow the rules and regulations that Amazon has put in place because there are many. It’s important to the success of your business that you comply with them because if they are broken, you run the risk of being suspended or having your account completely shut down. By following the rules and regulations you are on the right track to being able to increase amazon sales.


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