How Amazon Has Come So Far Through The Use Of Prime

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Back in 1994, the king of online shopping now recognized as Amazon came into existence. At first nothing more than a simple online bookstore.  No one knew that within 10 years they would be capturing 50% of all sales online.  With no brick and mortar presence, the company was an abnormality of its time.  An element that today seems so natural for most online businesses.

During this time there was not much competition in the way of Amazon.  There was solely online business in existence such as eBay, but they operated on a very different business model (at the time eBay was mostly known for used goods). 

By 2004 they had become an $18 billion business.  On the flip side, the worth of eBay, was the internet sensation in those years, which was around $33 billion.  So, Amazon had to struggle hard to make its own place in the worldwide online marketplace.

In such a scenario, what set Amazon apart and even ahead of the other online giant marketplaces was the launching of the Amazon Prime membership program in 2005.

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This service offered many exceptional benefits to the customers, including two-delivery, videos and music, etc.  This simple idea caught the eyes of a ton of customers and drove the sales of Amazon to a greater extent.  The delivery aspect of Amazon’s Prime program was really the first of it’s kind.   Never before had a yearly fee for express delivery been offered online.   Most sites offered one or two-day shipping but at exorbitant rates.

Amazon prime promotional codes began to come out shortly after the launch offering free or discounted access to the Prime membership.  This continued to fuel more and more new Amazon shoppers enrolling in the program.  Later Amazon prime promotional codes became available for college students as well.

Prime has expanded its benefits in the last two years offering people who live in major cities such as LA and NY one day or even same-day delivery on many items.  This type of delivery required Amazon to create its own shipping services and rely less on USPS and UPS.  If you live in a major city you may have noticed an Amazon van in front of your house or apartment in the last few months.  

It is really amazing how a simple yet sensible idea such as offering free delivery for a yearly fee proved to be so fruitful.  Amazon Prime only continues to expand its benefits to members each year.  Because of this, the members of Amazon Prime grow exponentially each year as well.

As per a 2020 report of Amazon, the number of worldwide subscribers of Prime exceeded over 150 million. 

If you’re not a member of Prime yet be sure to look for an Amazon prime promotional code before you sign up.  Amazon generally offers discounted Prime memberships a few times a year especially around and during Prime Day.

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