How To Use A Promo Code On

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Amazon has some of the best prices, deals, and discounts anywhere on the web—but you can save even more money by using an Amazon promo code. An Amazon promo code allows you to receive a further discount, which is a set amount determined by Amazon, a seller promoting through Amazon as well as sometimes a third party offering discounts on their brand when purchased through Amazon. The following guide will help you learn how you can use a promo code on

Step One: Find the item you have a promo code for first

The first thing you need to do in order to use an Amazon promo code is find the item that you have an active promo code for; search for this item on the Amazon website and then navigate to the Amazon product page. Make sure that you choose any appropriate specifications—such as any applicable sizes, colors, amounts, and so on—before you move on to the next step.

Step Two: Add your item to your Amazon shopping cart

The next thing you need to do is add your item to your Amazon shopping cart. It is important that you don’t select the “Buy it Now” option, as you will not be able to use your Amazon promo code if you select this option. Instead, make sure that you add it to the shopping cart, taking note to add the appropriate quantity of the product.

Step Three: Start the checkout process

The third step in the process is to begin the checkout process. You may be prompted to sign into Amazon and provide your personal information such as shipping address and payment method. It will be easier to check out if you sign into Amazon before you add the product to your cart, though it’s not necessary.

Step Four: Enter the Amazon promo code information

Once you get to the “payment” section of the checkout process, you will finally be able to add your Amazon promo code to your order. You will see a small section that allows you to enter information for coupons and promo codes; here is where you should add the promo code text. The promo code will then be applied to your order and you should see the promo code discount reflected in your total price.


Step Five: Complete the checkout process

Once the promo code has been applied to your order, you can finally finish the checkout process. Make sure that you select your desired shipping time and that your payment information is up to date before you complete your order. When everything is set, select “complete your order,” and your order will be finalized. You will receive an email and Amazon notification when you make your order and once again when your order is shipped.

And that’s it! The process of using an Amazon promo code is truly simple, and it’s the best way to save even more money on Amazon’s highly competitive and discounted prices.