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Non-Working Coupon Codes Suck…

There I said it, plain and simple.  If you are an avid coupon user you have certainly experienced this infuriating issue before.  You find an awesome coupon for a great product, add it to your cart, enter your coupon code and get an error message.  This happens all the time across every known shopping platform.

Why does this happen so often?

The simple answer is most platforms do not perform any sort of check to see if the coupon is working.  The larger the platform the larger this task becomes, it is common to encounter this issue on sites like Retailmenot.  I personally have encountered this issue multiple times on that site, and each time it is incredibly frustrating.  I have also had this happen on numerous occasions on Amazon coupon marketplaces such as Vipon. 

What is the solution?

As one of the founders of Buy At A Discount, this was one of the main points I wanted to address when we created this marketplace.  Why was this non-working coupon issue happening and how could we fix this on our coupon marketplace.  The solution was a simple one, actually testing every single coupon a seller lists on our website.  I will make a disclaimer here that it is possible to encounter a non-working coupon code on our website (as our testers may not have encountered the issue and removed that product yet) but this issue is a lot less frequent than any similar website.  We have a calculated rate of 90% working coupons on our marketplace at all times.

We have multiple “coupon testers” that scour our deals page by page and actually go through the checkout process to test the coupon code. If a tester finds that a coupon is not valid, the product listing is immediately pulled from our website and the seller of that product is notified that they must manually resubmit the listing to us with the correct coupon.  We even take it a step further and will ban a seller from our website if they are repeat offenders of posting non-working coupons.

Why do we spend countless hours testing these coupons?

Our goal is to give you (our loyal deal-hunting customers) the best possible experience on our Amazon coupon marketplace.  We don’t want you to experience any of the frustrations you have experienced with this issue on other coupon sites.

How you can help your fellow deal hunters:

While we do our best to find all the non-working coupons on our site, we encourage you to help your fellow deal seekers (and us as well).  If you do encounter a non-working coupon please click the blue "Report a problem" button located on the right side of the product page.  Here you can select the option of Coupon is expired / Does not work.  This message will alert our admins that there is an issue with the coupon. 

We also went one step further with this reporting system.  If three buyers report a coupon is not working, we automatically flag that product and remove it from our site.  This helps us regulate non-working coupons and remove them before too many other shoppers encounter them.  We are grateful to have an amazing community of deal seekers who actively report these coupons and keep the platform free of non-working coupons.

I want to thank all the members of Buy At A Discount who actively report non-working coupons, you guys are amazing!

Happy Deal Hunting!


Max Leahy

Founding Partner Of Buy At A Discount