The Story Of Cyber Monday

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For years now, Black Friday has been known as the biggest shopping event of the year. However, in recent years, it has begun to share the limelight with its more obscure digital cousin: Cyber Monday. Many people wonder how people around the world manage to make an event out of shopping, but the fact remains that these shopping “holidays” are known for bringing around some of the biggest deals that you will see out of the year. It is for this reason that so many people begin clamoring to cash in on the deals before their favorite products sell out, but have you ever wondered where these magical holidays begin?

Cyber Monday, the internet-based Black Friday equivalent, has been around for years, but where did it all truly start?










The first official Cyber Monday was carried out on November 28th, 2005. On that day, the world changed forever. Black Friday is known for fights in Wal-Marts and people getting trampled while trying to purchase a new tv at a ridiculously low price, but Cyber Monday offers a safer alternative to this by allowing you to handle all of your shopping needs online. When the first Cyber Monday happened, it became apparent that the holiday would be around to stay. In a general sense, this holiday was created quite simply because companies wanted yet another opportunity to boost their sales. Several big names in retail got together and made the decision to share the spirit of Black Friday online for those who might not be keen on walking into an actual store. Though many people love cashing in on sales and buying their dream products are a low price, there is no one who benefits more from these kinds of events than the businesses that host them, which is why every store around embraces these days every single year.

The real genius behind how Cyber Monday came to be is the fact that retailers saw an opportunity to prey on the people that they missed with Black Friday. Though a high number of people are thrilled to venture out for Black Friday and will happily begin lining up on Thursday in the cold for the chance to get a deal, not everyone likes to go to stores and not everyone has the ability to. Cyber Monday was tailormade to suit the needs of those people who couldn’t get the day off from work, were not physically capable of going, or just simply didn’t do so hot in crowds. This friendlier digital alternative makes it just as easy to save money on amazing products on your break from work as it does to cash in on these opportunities while you are still in bed. Businesses saw a chance to reach more customers and they took it.

Cyber Monday has been going strong for well over a decade and will likely only get more popular going forward. We live in a world where people do the majority of their shopping online, and Cyber Monday is perfect for helping you to get the most out online shopping experience. These sales were made with great intent, but at the end of the day, they were made for you. The history of Cyber Monday will continue to grow as time passes, and we will all continue to be a part of it.