The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money During The Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be fun—and it can also be expensive. It’s all too easy to find yourself spending way too much money during the holidays, which can lead to some pretty hefty bills and startling bank statements. Thankfully, you can start saving money this holiday season. The following guide will help you understand how you can start saving money for the upcoming holidays.

Create a budget and track your spending

The first thing you need to do is create a budget for your holiday spending; if possible, break your budget down into categories such as “presents,” “decorations,” “holiday party food,” “travel,” etc., so you can assign an appropriate amount of money to each category. It’s also essential that you track your holiday spending so that you don’t go over budget. Make sure you look for discounts in these categories in order to save money on your budget.

Do “Secret Santa” gifts if you have a large family or group

If you have a large family, then you know that buying presents for everyone can add up; especially if there are young children. Instead of buying gifts for everyone, opt to do “Secret Santa” style present-giving to cut down on the number of presents you have to buy. You can do this for just the adults in the family or for the kids as well, depending on the budget you and your family have for gift giving.

Eliminate unnecessary holiday “extra” purchases

Holiday expenses aren’t just about presents or big expenses; all those small “extra” purchases you make during the holidays can really add up. Every time you buy a specialty Christmas themed coffee from the coffee shops or pick up a few Christmas cookies from the store on your way home, you’re adding to your holiday expenses. Eliminate these unnecessary expenses to save money over the holiday months.

Do free or cheap traditions and activities

Holiday activities are fun, but they can be expensive as well. You can find lots of inexpensive and even free activities to do that will help you save money over time.  Inexpensive activities can include:

  • Making hot chocolate and watching a favorite holiday movie together
  • Going sledding on a sledding hill
  • Making cheap crafts together
  • Baking cookies or Christmas treats together
  • Walking through the neighborhood to see Christmas lights
  • Going caroling as a group

Arnold Sledding

Even Arnold goes sledding :)

Start buying gifts before Christmas (and take advantage of sales)

If you want to start saving money for the holiday season, you need to start as soon as possible. If you start buying gifts well before the Christmas season, you can find lots of sales, discounts and other opportunities that will help you save money in the long run. And best of all, when you start buying gifts early, you won’t find yourself scrambling towards the end of the year to get everything you need.

A great time to accomplish this is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  This is a perfect time to find great deals on all your holiday gift shopping.  Another perk of this is that you have all your holiday shopping done well before the holidays and can relax.

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Remember, holiday shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow the above guidelines and you’ll start saving money for the holiday season in no time.