Wireless Portable Charger from Hokonui

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The Wireless Portable Charger from Hokonui With 10000mAh.


Price before discount: $31.99

Price after discount: $15.99

Coupon Code: QL9JJSVF

Link: https://buyatadiscount.com/product/hokonui-10000mah-wireless-portable-charger

Expiration Date: March 20th, 2020



The item arrives well packaged in a sealed brown box.  Amazon packaged the item inside one of their bubble insulated envelopes.  When you open the package the charger is stored securely inside the box with the charging cable and manual stored below.


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Product Features & Performance:

After using this for a full week I can honestly say this is my favorite portable charger I have ever owned (and I have owned quite a few).  When you're running low on battery you will pretty much do anything to get some more juice, and I have bought a ton of chargers because of that reason.  I’m going to break down why with a pros/cons chart:


  • Very small for 10,000 MAH: I was able to get about 2.5 full charges on my iPhone X from one charge. 
  • Well packaged: As mentioned above the charger was secured inside the box, not just bouncing around.
  • LED battery meter: On the front, there is an LED readout of how much charge you have left. This is way more accurate than the chargers that have a 3-4 blinking light system.
  • One USB charger port: While some people might find this as a disadvantage I find it as an advantage. First, it allows the device to be smaller than having 2 USB ports. The second reason is a bit selfish but true, every time I’m at a bar with a charger with 2 USB ports people ask me to charge their phone… This burns my charger battery out so fast. With only one charger that won't happen.

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  • The only con I could find so far is the weight. It feels about the same weight as my phone. It’s not a huge con if I carry it in my opposite pocket or a jacket pocket.




This is an AWESOME charger; I would highly suggest purchasing this charger!


Written By Max Leahy

Founder and CFO of Buy At A Discount