fublousRR5 Empty Clear Spray Bottles-Meiliss Portable Refillable Plastic Fine Mist Perfume Spray Bot

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About the Product:
  • 200ml Cute Atomizer Spray Bottle; Pack of 5. A set of high-quality liquid spray bottles: The sprayer is made of high-quality plastic and is durable. In short, it is perfect for any liquid you want to install, such as disinfectants, conditioners, loti
  • Easy to transport: 18 * 5.5 cm, capacity is 200ML. Therefore, it is perfect for your outdoor activities. You can hold enough liquid, not only not to waste it, but also not to touch an untrusted external liquid supply.
  • Design: The bottle is portable. Keep it in your bag when traveling with your family. In addition, it has a locking system that perfectly prevents liquid leakage. And you don't have to disturb your mood often because of a leak.
  • The sprayer can be used countless times, not only to protect the environment, but also to save you money. Fortunately, he will accompany you every time you travel.
  • Reuse: We recommend that you wash and air dry after each use to prevent bacterial growth.

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